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M’sia Immigration Dept cracks down on agents sneaking in illegals

KUALA LUMPUR - The Immigration Department of Malaysia is going after agents, masterminds and syndicates involved in bringing in illigel immgrants via the main national entry points. Its director-general Mr Mustafar Ali said the department would seek the...

As artificial intelligence evolves, so does its criminal potential

NEW YORK - Imagine receiving a phone call from your ageing mother seeking your help because she has forgotten her banking password. Except it's not your mother. The voice on the other end of the phone call just sounds deceptively like her. It is actually a...

Chinese money flowing to Hong Kong stocks has suddenly dried up

HONG KONG - Hong Kong's stock market is suffering from a post-holiday hangover. The flood of Chinese money into the city before the mainland's National Day celebrations in early October has slowed to a trickle since traders returned from the week-long break....

Elderly make up nearly a third of Japan’s new entrepreneurs

TOKYO - As Japan's entrepreneurial spirit fades, the elderly make up a rising share of people going into business for themselves. About a third of new entrepreneurs were 60 or older in 2012, the latest year for which data was available, according to the Small...

Outlook dims for Singapore Inc as economy moonwalks

SINGAPORE - During Singapore's full moon festival last month, employer John Kong was focused more on cost-cutting than celebrating. Not sending his clients traditional mooncake gift packages saved him S$14,000, and his 60 workers at building materials...

Finland’s millionaire prime minister freezes pay in bid to save economy

HELSINKI - The Nordic region's only euro member is still struggling with austerity. After being stripped of its top AAA credit grade at all three major ratings companies, the government is asking Finns to tighten their belts to keep up with the Germans and...


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